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From buyers inspections, to pre-listing sellers inspections,  general home maintenance, new construction, and 11th month warranty inspections,  we provide inspections suitable for every person and every need. The home inspector will search for various types of defects ranging from normal wear-and-tear, to systems which may be in need of repair or replacement, to safety concerns which need to be addressed immediately.

Refer to the "Your Inspection" page for more information on how standard residential inspections work.

Underground Sewer

sewer scope


Some issues go unseen with the naked eye, and require the use of special equipment in order to be discovered. Your sewer lines are no exception. Drain line scopes are essential to determine the existence of major problems and costly repairs. By utilizing a specialized flexible camera, sewer scope inspections provide a visual examination in real time of the drain line interiors and open the opportunity to take pictures and videos of these normally non-visible areas. This process can help uncover hidden defects such as blockages, damage, deterioration, and even pest activity.

Add-On Services

Pool spa inspection home inspector

Swimming Pool/Spa Inspections

Pool/spa inspections provide a visual assessment of the overall condition of the pool, surface, area, equipment, safety devices, and plumbing & electrical components. Your inspector will test the equipment using normal operator controls. Any potential defects discovered are documented and included in the standard inspection report, providing you with an understanding of any possible maintenance requirements or major repairs needed.

Irrigation/Sprinkler Inspections - Home Inspections

System Inspections

Irrigation inspections involve evaluating the condition and functionality of various components in the system. This includes both a visual assessment and testing the system using normal operator controls. We will inspect the backflow prevention device, operate the control panel and run each sprinkler zone individually in search of broken or misaligned sprinkler heads, leaks, overspray, inadequate coverage, damaged pipes, and improper water pressure to determine if any further action by a landscaping contractor is necessary.

Included At No Additional Cost

with Every Home Inspection


Thermal Imaging

Unlock a new realm of insight with thermal imaging cameras.

On top of utilizing this tool to confirm operation of various systems such as heating and air conditioning, every standard home inspection with Invictus includes a full thermal imaging scan of the property. Before the interior inspection is wrapped up, your inspector will scan the entire home looking underneath every accessible plumbing fixture, in the walls, floors, ceilings, and attic in search of any evidence of moisture intrusion, active plumbing leaks, and gaps in thermal efficiency.

While this tool does not possess supernatural abilities, it's ability to uncover hidden details is nothing short of techological magic.

zip level background.jpg

Foundation Elevation SUrvey

There are typically two types of homes: Homes that need foundation repair, and homes that will need foundation repairs at some point in their lifetime.

All homes experience settlement or some other form of movement, and

some more than others, depending on various factors. The most common factor in areas of North and East Texas is the presence of expansive clay

soils. This type of soil is extremely dense and retains an excess amount of moisture during the colder months, and then evaporates that moisture in

the warmer months, causing it to shrink.

This is one of many reasons why having your foundation measured using a high-precision altimeter device can be crucial, as many consider the foundation to be to most important major system.

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